Fitness Tip: Count Beverage Calories

Trying to lose weight? Count your Beverage Calories

You may be surprised at how many calories are in what you drink every day. You can control your calories and lose weight by counting your beverage calories. Substitute just one drink a day with a refreshing glass of delicious, fruit-infused water for improved weight-loss results.

Try this simple weight loss tip:

Replace just one (1) glass of wine a week with a glass of water. 5 fl oz. of white wine averages about 123 calories while 5 fl oz. of red wine averages about 126. Every week for a year adds up to an amazing 6,400 calories a year. That’s 9 pounds over the course of 5 years for a single glass of wine a week.

And if you aren’t counting your beverage calories, this can be a simple way to stay in control of your weight. Smart.

Read our article – 7 Tips for Making Better Beverage Choices for more tips and resources…

Add some fruit to your next glass of water for a refreshing treat. Tap an image to order one of these flavor infusers for a tasty way to stay hydrated. Fresh fruit is a nutritious and delicious.

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    1. Thanks Cezk – you can apply it to anything. Instead of eating a candy bar, have a big apple. After awhile, you really will prefer the apple – maybe with the small size candy once in a while… Personally, I’m come to really enjoy a nice cold glass of water, and adding the infuser really gave it a nice flavor! Thank you for stopping by Cezk!

    1. Thank you Heather, I’m happy that you stopped by and think so too. My husband loves chocolate milk, but knowing the calories in it, I just can’t bring myself to indulge – I’d rather have good calories – LOL! Do you find yourself doing that too?

        1. Well said Heather, I know what you mean. I love the look of those frozen drinks, but I know it’s best to steer clear and thankfully, I love a nice cup of black coffee. Think I’ll enjoy some now. Thank you so much for stopping by – I hope you like the site and visit us often (check out the exercises too). Let us know if you want to share any tips – we’ll try to help you stay motivated!

        2. I drink far too much tea!! I think I’ll wait until I’m closer to my target weight and then maybe try some drink recipes on a treat day! Going to have a little browse on the exercises now

        3. Excellent! Let me know if I can help – I can’t wait to see your before and after pics! :)

    1. Thank you Anthony, I’m more of a lifetime nutrition watcher than a fasting or dieting person, but I do understand that some people find it useful. Thank you for stopping by – we hope you visit often and find more useful articles and exercises. :)

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