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Menu Planner: Smart Food Choices for Healthy Aging

Planning a day’s worth of meals using smart food choices might seem overwhelming at first. So we’ve found some sample menus to show you how easy it is to be a healthy menu planner. These menus provide 2,000 calories a day. Check the chart below for the number of calories you should consume in a day. Consumption is based on your activity level and whether you are a man or a woman.

Daily Calorie Guidelines

Physical activity refers to the voluntary movements you do that burn calories. Brisk walking, dancing, and swimming are examples of moderate activity. An active lifestyle might include jogging, singles tennis, or swimming laps. Learn how you can fit exercise and physical activity into your life with the NIA exercise and physical activity campaign, Go4life.

Sample Menus

Although it might look like the recommended amounts for a food group are not met, or are exceeded in a single day, the average over a week meets recommendations. You can bring these menu’s with you to the grocery story – simply tap Print in the upper right of each sample menu – then you can see what ingredients you need to make these delicious and  healthy meals!.

Sample Menu #1

Sample Menu #2

Sample Menu #3

Sample Menu #4

Source: Smart Food Choices for Healthy Aging

Using one of the menu’s above as an example, you can substitute a comparable food item. Try one of these books as a guide to finding nutritious and healthy food.

Learn more about nutrition.

Enjoy these Senior Fitness articles – Benefits of Even Moderate Weight Loss and Physical Activity Linked to Brain Metabolism.

Do you have a favorite healthy meal you would recommend?

Thank you for spending time with us today. We hope you found this article useful and like some of the samples menus enough to give them a try! Wishing you the best of health!


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