6 Exercises You’ll Want To Do Every Day

Your Daily Exercise Routine

Try this exercise routine daily. Exercising in less than 20 minutes a day  with just 6 exercises, you can’t say no to this daily exercise routine, and even better, your body will love you for it!

Let’s face it, your body wants attention! It wants to move! And with the amount of sitting we do, in front of computers,  watching computers and commuting to and from work, most people would benefit from getting up every hour. Let’s face it, ergonomic and even gaming chairs are being designed so you can sit for longer periods of time more comfortably. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean sitting longer is better for you.

There’s hope for us after all…

But there is hope and you don’t have to give up your comfy chair to do it. You just need to set your Fitbit, watch or phone to remind you to get up from your chair at least once an hour. Just once an hour and you’ll feel better for it! Think of how active your mind is by playing games, reading books, watching a movie and working – anything that makes you think, is activity for your brain.

So, why not give your body some attention too? Getting up hourly will keep your blood circulating and give your muscles the attention they crave.

And the good news it that the exercises listed below can be done safely, every day. Plan the best time for you (some people get up earlier to exercise, some like the mid-day energy of a workout, and others exercise after work).

Choose your best schedule for these:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • 1 minute each of the 6 exercises below
  • 30 second rest between exercises
  • 5 minute cool-down

= just 19 minutes!

Make this your everyday workout routine. Simply tap each exercise to go to the page that contains the description of that exercise. Then  print the exercise and write your progress on the back of each sheet. Seeing your ‘log’ will be a reminder to get active.

Daily Exercise Routine

  • Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Print

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Activity Time
Warm Up 5 minutes
Bird Dog 1 minute
Ab Twist 1 minute
Dumbell Thruster 1 minute
Plank 1 minute
Side Plank 1 minute
Side-to-Side Lunge 1 minute
Cool Down 5 minutes

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We know you have lots of choices for finding exercises and exercise equipment and we appreciate you stopping by and shopping with us! As always, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit with us.

Wishing you the best of health!!

We hope you visit our Exercise Pages often for new exercises – don’t forget they are formatted so you can print only those you want to try. Don’t forget to record your progress – it really is motivational !

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Author: Joan E Wilder

We provide information and motivation focused on the importance of physical activity to our quality of life. It is our hope to help people invest in themselves by staying active throughout their lives. It's that important.

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