What Being Active Means

Almost a year ago we wrote an article about what being active means, entitled Physical Activity and Exercise, What’s the Difference? And now that that we have been exercising for another year and getting more curious about the world of being ‘fit’, we are wondering more about the verbiage surrounding exercise. And, we want to share what being physically active really means.

What Being Active Means

So, what does it mean to be active? Is there a difference between being active and exercising? Between working out and training? If I brag to my friends about my workout and say that I’ve done my weight ‘training’, is that a faux pas?

2 Stick Figures Rowing for Physical FitnessWell, apparently it is. (as I turn red and promise never to say that I’m training again!) According to Mark Rippetoe, who has written some interesting articles on the subject, they are very different and you cannot do both. So, now I know, Athletes train, I exercise. Exercise - What Physically Active Means

And I am happy I do – it’s still tough getting up at 5am (ish) but hey, I highly recommend it for all the reasons you’ve heard – self-confidence, sunnier outlook, feeling better, and feeling healthier – not to mention my clothes aren’t quite so snug.

And I started doing some research about the difference between exercising and training and found an article written by Mark Rippetone.  As I read the article, I could tell that Mark was someone who is knowledgeable about physical fitness.

Read two of Mark’s articles:

So, I typed ‘Mark Rippetoe’ into Google and started searching for more if his work. I found that he has dedicated his life to training and helping others. You can visit Wikipedia for more information about Mark, his gym and his many accomplishments and you can read one of his books (sold on Amazon, of course), shown below.

Being Active Means Staying Motivated

So you can see we have role models to help keep us motivated. People like Mark at 61 and Grace at 65 who have made physical fitness a big part of their lives and have made the lifelong commitment to staying healthy. I am motivated by these people and hope you do too.

Books by Mark Rippetoe, tap an image to buy on Amazon now…

Mr. Gravity

Customer Review: “All four books in the Aasgaard ouevre (the others being Starting Strength, Practical Programming, Strong Enough?, in that order of priority) are required reading for srs lifters. Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity may be the most entertaining of all, slathered generously in Rippetoe’s famously dry sense of humor.”

Starting Strength Training

Customer Review: “Excellent resource that has had an enormous impact on my quality of life. Combine this with the free Starting Strength podcast and instructional YouTube vids and you have your self a worthwhile education and practical application class.”

Strong Enough

Customer Review: “I am a big Mark Rippetoe fan. Not to get preachy, but his books really have changed my life. I have been lifting for a long time and with marginal results.”

We hope you enjoy Mark’s story and if you or someone you know is staying physically fit, please share their story.

Thank you for part of your day with us. Wishing you the best of health!

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