All In A Day’s Workout

By doing this workout routine daily, I can imagine Grace as a 95 year old. I’m sure she’ll visit the local Senior Home to lead the exercise classes. And I believe that the effort she’s putting into staying fit will help keep her muscles strong enough to keep her independent for life. And that’s a great reward for her and I find it motivational.

As promised, below is Grace’s workout with all of the exercises defined (and they are all printable)… And if you missed guessing Grace’s age in Part I – you can still take a guess – see below.

Note: There are many factors to consider before starting an exercise routing. Be sure to consult your doctor to be sure exercising it’s right for you.

Grace’s Daily Workout

  1. Planks » 60 seconds » [Print]
  2. Side Plank » 30 seconds each side » [Print]
  3. Horizontal Scissor Kicks » 20 » [Print]
  4. Hamstring Curl » 2 sets of 20 » [Print]
  5. Foam Roller Plank » 2 sets of 10 » [Print]
  6. Push Ups » 20 » [Print]
  7. Jackknife » 10 with an 8 lb. weight » [Print]
  8. Step Up » 10 on each leg » [Print]
  9. Leg Extension » 50 lbs 10 reps » [Print]
  10. Machine Thigh Abductor » 40 lbs 10 reps » [Print] & Thigh Adductor » 40 lbs 10 reps » [Print]
  11. Tricep Bench Dip » 2 sets of 10 » [Print]
  12. Bird Dogs » 10 slowly, hold 3 sec, do not touch the ground » [Print]
  13. Prone Leg Kick » 10 each leg » [Print]
  14. Prone Kneeling Leg Extensions » 40 lbs 10 reps » [Print]
  15. Roman Chair Leg Raise » 10 reps » [Print]
  16. Jump Up on Step » 10 reps 2 sets » [Print]
  17. Sit-Ups » 2 sets of 10 » [Print]
  18. Twisting Jackknife » 10 each leg » [Print]
  19. Lunges » 5 each leg » [Print]
  20. Forward Jumps » 10 reps » [Print]
  21. Tricep Extension » 10 reps » [Print]
  22. Dumbbell Fly’s » 20 reps » [Print]
  23. Lying Toe Touch » 20 reps » [Print]
  24. Mountain Climber » 2 sets of 10 » [Print]
  25. Air Bikes »3 sets of 15 » [Print]
  26. Squats » 60 – 80 » [Print]
  27. Lat Pull Down Machine » 12 – 35 lbs » [Print]
  28. Tricep Push Down » 5 – 5 lbs » [Print]
  29. Tricep Curl » 5 lbs – 2 sets – 10 reps » [Print]
  30. Stepper Lie Down / Stand Up » 10 reps – 2 sets » [Print]
  31. Elliptical Machine » 20 minutes » [Print]


Your Weekly Workout

You can start with several of these exercises over the next week and that’s a good start! Pick 3 days (every other day is best for strength exercises with a day to relax), do 10 exercises each day, low weight, 1 set of each. Click on Print and when the exercise appears, click on Print again. Mix and match however you like. Write on the back how many reps you were able to do each week and after several weeks, challenge yourself to increase the # of reps.

Remember that the important part is getting started so be sure to stick with it. Exercising can be tough to get into but once you do, you will begin to look and feel better and that’s motivational! You may want to take a before picture so you can see your progress (note your starting size also). Here’s how to get started:

Don’t forget to start with a 5 minute warm up (walking will do) before strength exercises. For your routine, try a few exercises and once you’ve mastered those, add a few more exercises to your routine.

Workout for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Don’t forget to get a good mix of exercises for your major muscles [click for more exercises] for the maximum benefit. Your 5 minute cool down is equally important – this will ensure that your blood vessels get a chance to return to normal after the increased blood flow.

Note – your warm up and cool down can include exercises that don’t use weights, so if you have your favorite bodyweight exercise you can warm up by doing them slowly, then for your cool down, stretching works well.

How To Use the Print Option

Click on [Print] to see the exercise details. When the exercise appears, click Print on the right. Only that exercise will print, not the others on the page. Print only the exercises you want to try or to show your Doctor, bring to the gym, or share with a friend.

We hope you enjoy the challenge of these exercises as much as we do. Here’s where you’ll find Grace’s workout routine [Full-Body Workout] so you don’t have to find this article every time you want to visit. We hope you use it often.

Can you Guess Grace’s age:

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Thank you for spending time with us today. Wishing you the best of health!

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Author: Joan E Wilder

We provide information and motivation focused on the importance of physical activity to our quality of life. It is our hope to help people invest in themselves by staying active throughout their lives. It's that important.

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    1. Great Roger – let us know if we can help – if you need explanations or specific types of exercises, please don’t hesitate to let us know – just leave a comment or use the contact page. If you are just starting, begin slowly, but be determined to do what you can 3 days a week. We also suggest keeping a journal of your progress. Printing the exercises as recommended in this article and writing your starting position on the back of the page is a great way to feel great about your accomplishments, while giving you that little push forwards.

      Good luck !!

    1. Yes, I know, she really is amazing – and a really nice person too!. I tried the workout at the gym last week and I swore I’d stay for an hour but after 10 exercises (and my warm-up, cool-down, of course) and 45 minutes later I was feeling good, but ready to call it a day :) Did you try them?

      Thanks for stopping by Diana, I hope you find the printable exercises helpful! Stay Healthy!

        1. Good for you, there’s nothing wrong with Jane Fonda! Be sure to mix the exercises up – break new ones in every few months. It’ll keep it challenging and ensure you get all those muscles – big and small :) The best of health to you!!

  1. I like your ideas and the way you present them. Well organized and good advice. I am going to enjoy following your blog. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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