Are Your Fitness Goals SMART?

Set Your Fitness Goals and Focus on Them

You’ve heard a lot about goal setting over the course of your career. You undoubtedly had more than one performance review associated with those goals too. And you know that by setting goals you can do more. Sometimes more than you thought possible.

So, you know that to be effective, a goal will be challenging and with the right attitude and determination, be reachable and is worth it. Goals are the desired result of your focus.

And, have you tried applying those same strategies you leveraged at work towards your exercise goals? You can use what you know to be successful at being active too. Here’s what we mean.

If you know about goal setting, you may be no stranger to setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. Let’s first quantify your goals by ensuring they are S.M.A.R.T.

    • S. Specific – what is it and how will it be accomplished?
    • M. Measurable – how will you measure success?
    • A. Achievable – can you do it?
    • R. Realistic – what is the purpose, why are you doing this?
    • T. Time Bound – when will it be done by?

A Lifetime of Goals, with Rewards

When you create your goals, be sure to keep in mind that these are lifetime goals. This is a marathon, your marathon. And staying fit for as long as you can is the best thing you can do for an active, happy life.

Staying fit for life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And when you create your goals, don’t forget the part of those performance reviews that made goal setting worthwhile. The reward. Medal for AccomplishmentsReward yourself when you meet your goal. Maybe a movie after a month of exercising or a picnic and walk at the beach after each week that you meet your goals. Build on your small successes and before you know it, you’ll have accomplished your goal, which is exactly where you want to be.


“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you don’t stop.”


I like that saying – never let setbacks deter you, no matter how big or small. Get refocused after lapses. But the really hard part is sometimes Starting. Here’s a plan to help you get started initially and after lapses.

  • S. Specific
    • what is it: exercising
    • how will it be accomplished: once a week for 30 minutes
  • M. Measurable
    • how will you measure success: completed journal for 4 weeks
  • A. Achievable – can you do it?
    • Yes
  • R. Realistic – what is the purpose, why are you doing this?
    • to lose 1% body fat
  • T. Time Bound – when will it be done by?
    • four (4) weeks

So, here are the steps to get you started:

  1. [DOWNLOAD] our free Journal, print page 1 & 2 for reference, then print 4 copies of pages 3-5 of the weekly Journal. Mark pages 3-5 with the Sunday date for the week.
  2. [DOWNLOAD] the companion workout plan or [Visit] our exercise pages to select your exercises. You can print what you need so you can refer to them during your workout.
  3. Decide your time for each step. Plan for 5 minutes of Warm-up and Cool-down and 20 minutes of a mix of Core, Upper body and Lower body exercises.
  4. Start slowly, be sure to breathe, focus on your form.
  5. [Visit] our blog posts to learn about proper breathing, warm up and cool down.
  6. After 4 weeks, review what you’ve accomplished, go for that walk on the beach and start your next 4 weeks. Increase reps or sets and change some of the exercises – that way you can target muscles you may not have used in a while.

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Wishing you success in setting your fitness goals – please let us know if you need any help. PS. Don’t forget your before photos, they are great motivators because you are going to love your ‘after’ picture’s!

Thank you for spending time with us today. Wishing you the best of health!

PS. Please note that while we are using the concept of a marathon to emphasis the point of a challenge that requires a lot of determination and hard work, we are not advocating that you run a marathon. Running requires lots of training and can be hard on your body. As with any exercise routine, always check with your doctor before you begin.

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