Staying Active While Travelling

Are You Staying Active While Travelling Away From Home?

You may be reading this because you find yourself in situations where you travel and want to take care of your health. staying active while travelling isn’t too difficult, but it does take awareness on your part. If you aren’t moving much, and you want to do something about it, we have some moves for you. Ok, maybe you are moving when you are typing or moving your mouse, but that’s not really moving. You know what I mean – moving – aka – being active.

If you spend time travelling for work, or sitting on a train commuting to work, these are ideal times to catch up on some light exercising. We’ll show you some below to help you take advantage of the travel time you have, and stay healthy. You can do these while sitting anywhere – boat, train, plane, even the office.

First, Why it’s Important to Stay Active While Travelling or, What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

You may have seen commercials on TV about blood clots that can form in your legs due to inactivity, so we want to spend a moment letting you know that it is a serious situation that may be preventable with a little knowledge about the importance of staying active. As additional motivation to incorporate these (or other) exercises into your commute, please read this:

Almost anyone can have DVT. People traveling for extended periods of time may be at increased risk for DVT because they have limited movement. The increased risk is usually associated with air travel, but DVT can also form during travel by bus, train, or car.

Source: CDC

You may also want to check out Virgin Atlantic’s Health issues and flying information.

As mentioned above, you may have heard that DVT is associated with flying but that’s not entirely true. DVT is a condition where blood clots form (usually) in the legs, during long periods of sitting still (so travelling in a car or train, or sitting at a desk carry the same risk as flying). The danger comes if the clot breaks free and travels to the heart or lungs.

The key takeaway here is ‘long periods of sitting still‘. So please be aware that sitting in one place for too long is dangerous and activity, any activity, is important to your health and well-being. These exercises help you keep your blood flowing.

Here are some easy exercises from our friends at Virgin Atlantic. You can do them almost anywhere and no one will even know you are ‘exercising’. So, print them out and take them with you for your next trip!

Stay Active While Travelling – Exercises you can do from your seat:

  1. The Revolver
  2. The Cuddle
  3. The Ballerina
  4. The Shrug
  5. The Knees Rp
  6. The ‘Where’s my pen?”
  7. The Inquirer

↑ Exercise List ↑

Travel Exercises

The Revolver

the revolver exerciseLift both of your feet off the floor and rotate them in circles – five times clockwise.
Now keeping both feet off the floor, rotate them in circles – five times counter-clockwise.

The Cuddle

Hold your left shoulder with your right hand and your right elbow with your left hand.
Read that sentence again until it makes sense.
Hold for 15 seconds then do the other arm. Repeat twice.

The Ballerina

active while travelling - the ballerina

Keep your heels on the floor and point your toes up as far as you can.
Next keep your toes on the floor and raise your heels up as far as you can.
Repeat five times.

The Shrug

Keep your arms still and roll your shoulders forwards, five times.
Now roll your shoulders backwards, five times.

Travel Exercises

Active While Travelling – The Knees Up

active while travelling - the knee-up exerciseLean forward slightly, clasp both hands around a knee and lift it to your chest. Hold for 15 seconds, then clasp your other knee and lift it to your chest.
Repeat twice.

Active While Travelling – The ‘Where’s my pen?’

Keep both feet on the floor, hold in your stomach and slowly move your hands down your legs towards your ankles.
Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and slowly sit back up.

Active While Travelling – The Inquirer

while travelling - the inquirer exercise1.  Lower your right ear to your right shoulder.
2.  Roll your head around to your other shoulder.
3.  Hold each position for five seconds.
4.  Repeat 10 times.


↑ Additional Exercises ↑

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Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend time with us. We hope you stay active while travelling and wish you safe travels and good health.

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