Exercises for Tight Hip Flexors

Why Do Exercises for Tight Hip Flexors?

When you think of exercising, you may think of major muscles, arms, legs, core. And as you are reading this you may be wondering what Hip Flexors are, why they should you care if they get tight? And why would you want to do exercises for Tight Hip Flexors?

First, let’s explain what flexors they are. Flexors are any muscle whose contraction bends a limb or other part of the body. These muscles can be in the arm, hand, leg or foot.

So, Hip Flexors basically help move your legs front to back and side to side. If you sit at a desk all day, your hip flexors can become tight and stiff. What does that matter? In a word, Pain.

The hip is a very stable ball and socket type joint with an inherently large range of motion. The hip contains some of the largest muscle in the body as well as some of the smallest.

Most people lack mobility due to a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Periods of prolonged sitting results in tightness of the hip flexors and hamstrings. Tightness in the muscles and ligaments can created joint forces that result in arthritis, postural problems, bursitis, and mechanical back pain…

The compensatory pelvic tilt that accompanies tight hip flexors also predisposes the individual to postural problems and back pain

J. Eveleigh

Important – Always Check with your Dr. before starting an exercise routine! What we’re sharing here is what works for us for light to moderate exercising and that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone.

Easing Pain is Key

Over time, these muscles get tighter and that creates additional health problems as J. Eveleigh mentions above. Making them more flexible will help ease those health threats and the pain that they can cause. Bottom Line? You’ll feel better. So, how can you make them flexible and loose again?

We’re glad you asked – this is exactly what the hip flexor stretches are great at! I wanted to share these with you because I sat at my desk for years and my flexors became tight and painful. Then after years of sedentary lifestyle – from my desk during the day to the couch to relax at night, I began to exercise again.

With that, I noticed the pain started to subside. Now I have my favorite exercises that I have to do every 2-3 days to keep my flexors loose and pain-free. I’ve found a few exercises that work for me (can you guess which one is my favorite? ) that I’d like to share with you and hopefully they’ll help you too.

So, print them out, do them 2-3 times a week then let us know if they helped you and if there is any one in particular that you like. Here’s a great site for how to do the hip stretch https://mikereinold.com/true-hip-flexor-stretch/. Mike has a video also.


As you read above, tight hip flexors are attributed to lower back pain so if you who are experiencing back pain, take some time to stretch the back and the hip flexors to strengthen these muscle groups.

Exercises for Tight Hip Flexors

Hip Hinge

Standing Hip Hinge

  1. Support your back with your hands and bend your upper body back. You will basically be bending backward to look at the wall behind you.
  2. Hold for 15-20 seconds and return to the starting position.

To add more intensity kneel on the floor and do the same exercise. Kneeling will stretch the hip flexors and the quads as well. This is one of the best exercises for back pain and tight hip flexors.

Note: This is an ideal warm-up exercise for hip flexors.

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Tight Hip Flexor Exercises – Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexors will quickly become tight if you spend a lot of time sitting. Tight hip flexors can often be an indirect cause of back pain when walking. If your knees get sore or stiff, put a cushion or two on the floor.

    1. Get down on your right knee and put your left foot in front of you flat on the floor. It may help to do this next to a chair or bed for stability.
    2. Put your right hand on your right hip, keep your chest up and push your right hip forward. Don’t lean forward – keep your chest up.
    3. At the fully stretched position your right knee should be behind you. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.
    4. Repeat this on the left side.

Don’t bounce. More benefit is achieved if you don’t bounce.

Note: If you have sore or painful knees definitely consult your Dr. or physical therapist before attempting this exercise.

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Downward Frog

Downward Facing Frog Exercise

The Downward Frog pose helps open up the flexors as you go down to the floor. To simplify the position, place a pillow or hand-towel under the knees and ankles. If you still don’t find the position comfortable and you strain your ankles, push them towards each other instead of letting your feet around the sides.

  1. Get down on the ground so you’re supporting yourself on your elbows and knees. Your palms should be flat on the ground and your hips, shoulders, and knees should be aligned.
  2. Inhale and walk your knees out as far apart from each other as you can. Your ankles should be in line with your knees and your feet should be flexed to protect your ankles.
  3. Exhale and press your hips back. You should feel the stretch in your hips and thighs, but try to relax a little if you feel any pain in those areas. Hold this position for the recommended amount of time, breathing evenly throughout.
  4. Bring your hips forward and push your arms into the ground to lift yourself up. Bring in your feet and have your knees align with your hips to get into table pose and rest there for a moment before repeating for the desired number of reps.

Do this exercise for 30 seconds to 2 minutes per set. Repeat until you’ve completed 3 sets.

When you are ready to make this more challenging, tuck your chin into your chest and stretch your arms further away from you. This will give you a fuller stretch than the regular version, but be careful of neck and shoulder muscle strains.

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Standing Leg Swings

Standing Forward and Backward Leg Swing

  1. Standing straight, put your right hand on the back of a sturdy chair for support and your left hand on your left hip.
  2. Swing your left knee towards your chest, then swing that leg behind you as high as you can.
  3. Repeat these slowly for 12 reps.
  4. Switch sides so your left hand is on the back of the chair and your right leg is in motion.

Note: Hold onto a sturdy chair (or table) for support and stability. If you are ready for the next level, add ankle weights.

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Reading Recommendations…

Do you have any favorite exercise you do for Tight Hip Flexors?

Enjoy your workout! Wishing you the best of health! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit us and be sure to visit our website for more exercises!

Source: http://www.stretching-exercises-guide.com/hip-stretches.html by Janet Eveleigh

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    1. Good for you Frank! Please know that these exercises should be done by anyone that can do them. While exercise can help you lose inches and wear smaller size clothes, the important part is staying active for your lifetime. We hope you find useful exercises to help you do that. Please let us know how we can help you. Thank you for your support – please check out the shopping page for exercise mats, clothes and even weights to help you. My favorite is the Ab Carver – it’s tough but a great workout for the time invested. Enjoy your workout!

  1. I will try #1, cuz my hips, and back kill me!!
    But, not getting on floor! I don’t think paramedics would appreciate a call every time I try to exercise! lol
    Thanks for the follow!

    1. Hey Purpleslobinrecovery – yes, be careful with that! Check with you Dr. too – I made the exercises printable so you can check on them before trying – I can relate to hip pain and I can attest that exercise does work not all though, so you have to see what works best. And it helps with keeping a cheery outlook too – and you can’t beat that! Good luck and thanks back to you!

        1. Hi Melinda, I didn’t forget about you – I found an exercise that you can do without getting on the floor – I’ve been trying it every night – 12 for each leg and it’s been working great for me so I wanted to share. I added #4 to this post so you can click on Print to print it out and bring to your Dr. to see if it’s one you can do too.

          It’s my new favorite!

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