Good, pRactical tips about losing weight I think you’ll enjoy reading…

If you are reading this I assume you want to burn off some fat. Whether you are overweight and want to lose weight for health or self esteem related reasons, or if you just want to get rid of some fat to get a little leaner and more toned, this list of tips might be helpful to you. These tips are not any kind of miracle cures, but they can absolutely help you reach your weight loss goal. So lets get into it!

11 tips to help you burn fat

  1. Choose foods that fill you up more. Like fiber rich carbs and lean protein sources. Make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, since these tend to be low calorie foods with high nutrition value.

2. Avoid unsustainable diets. A lot of people who wants to loose fat set themselves up for failure by throwing themselves into extreme…

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Author: Joan E Wilder

We provide information and motivation focused on the importance of physical activity to our quality of life. It is our hope to help people invest in themselves by staying active throughout their lives. It's that important.

4 thoughts

    1. Thank you For your support Frank – we hope you check on our exercise pages – we’re in the process of making the exercises printable – please let us know if you would like us to create your favorite exercises printable. Thanks again! Ps. Share us with you family and friends – we love company!


  1. Great list, Joan. Thanks for sharing. I’ve noticed that, for me, no amount of dieting makes up for a sedentary lifestyle. It’s all about needing more exercise. Thank goodness Spring is on its way :-)


    1. Thank you D. Wallace, and I hope you get out for walks this spring and enjoy the weather. I sat at my desk so long I almost forgot how great it feels to move around and actually do something for me – I hope you do the same – check out our exercise pages – there’s a good variety so you don’t get bored. Enjoy and thank you for the support!

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