Are You Skinny Fat

Women Suffer From It…

Skinny Fat - Bathroom Scale and Tape Measure  “…”skinny fat“… a phrase used to describe people who look fit and healthy on the surface yet, due to a lack of exercise or poor diet, have a slew of health problems brewing beneath it.” says You don’t have to be overweight to suffer from some of the issues that come with a high BMI.”

The article explains how Kelsey should follow the steps they outline because not doing so will most certainly lead to continued health issues. These health issues could be avoided by incorporating some healthier habits, including exercise. I know a lot of people who would benefit by being more active. OK, almost everyone I know – except a few people at the gym who already incorporate a good diet with plenty of exercise.    Source: Are You Skinny Fat?

And Men Suffer From It…

In another article for Mens Fitness magazine, James Jung writes that it’s an Epidemic. James writes “Meaning that while many of us might look svelte from afar or when fully clothed, deep down we suffer from a common male condition known as being skinny fat.”

James is pretty funny as he write about a discussion with physical trainer from Manhattan – Francisco “Cisco” Liuzzi and says “… consistent and efficient exercise can trump even the flabbiest of genes, and while (Cisco) used our two least favorite words in the same sentence, “hard” and “work,” he did lay out a plan that even the weakest and fattest of us skinny fatsos can follow. Suck in that gut and read on.”  While he is pretty funny at times, his use of Epidemic in the article title says it all. This is serious stuff.     Source: The Skinny Fat Epidemic

And the Young Suffer From It…

In yet another article in Time magazine by Alexandra Sifferlin we learn that this is a serious condition. Alexandra writes  “Doctors say we are focusing too much on weight, but thin people can sometimes carry the most dangerous kind of fat—and not know it”.

Alexandra tells the story of Elizabeth Chanatry – “You’d never know it by looking at the 5-foot-3-inch tall, 117-pound 19-year-old, but even Chanatry admits that she’s not as fit as she could be. “My sister and I are not toned, but we are thin,” she says.”  This sounds prettyterrifying to me. If you have time (length 5:15), the video in this article has some interesting facts.     Source: The dangers of being skinny fat

What Skinny Fat is and What you can Do About It…

It is Skinny Fat – there are many more articles on the subject and what I’ve learned from the ones I have read is that obesity comes in all shapes and sizes and weight is not an indicator of good health. Know your body fat percentage (BMI) then determine what you can do about it. Commit to lifetime fitness.

The ways to help combat this epidemic:

  • adopt a more active lifestyle
  • make the time for exercise daily
  • learn more about eating healthy
  • encourage your family and friends to get active
  • create a plan, have a goal, follow through

The most important thing we can do is start. Even small steps in the right direction are better than not doing anything. Even if we occasionally take a step backwards, it’s still better than not doing anything. Take small steps daily towards being more active and you will feel better and be rewarded with increased energy and stamina. This is true whether you are a woman or a man, young or old.

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