A Smart Solution to Your New Years Resolutions…

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As you write your New Years resolutions, here’s one of the best you can have. Commit to staying active for a better New Year!

Let’s face it – with so many distractions, things to do and people to keep up with, exercising is often something we think of after the day is done. That’s quickly followed by, ‘I Should Have’ done something to be more active. Well, that’s why we’re here – to help you keep your activities as a priority.

4 Great New Years Resolutions…

Try each of the four (4) types of exercise each week.

Balance, Endurance, Flexibility and Strength – these are the four main types of exercise. Follow Us and we’ll guide you through the most relevant information for each as well as these tips to help you stay on track.

  • Receive weekly blogs that keep exercising and staying fit Top-of-Mind. Because many times, that’s all you need to do – remember to be more active while you are out-and-about doing your other activities of the day. Even at the office.
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Note: Your health is extremely important – please be sure to visit a physician before beginning an exercise routine.

Thank you for spending time with us today and good Luck with your New Years Resolutions. We wish you the Best of Health in the coming year!

Happy New Year from the Joan E Wilder Team!! 

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We provide information and motivation focused on the importance of physical activity to our quality of life. It is our hope to help people invest in themselves by staying active throughout their lives. It's that important.

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