Try Crawl Exercises for a great workout!

Crawl Exercises are great!

‘What exercises would you like to learn about this week?’ I asked my friend a few weeks ago, “I don’t know, she said, how about crawling exercises?” Crawling What? “Crawl Exercises” she said… Huh?

Hum, I thought as I scratched my head, I go to the gym regularly and I haven’t seen anyone crawling. ‘Like a baby?’ I asked. “No” she said, “I heard that crawling provides a great workout but I don’t know much about it.” ‘Oh, ok’, I said, ‘I’ll give that to my team to research!’

I didn’t expect they’d find much information and thought this would be pretty straightforward. Wrong! Continue reading and see for yourself. I hope you find something that interests you enough to give it a try. But caution, you may start laughing at your first attempts – we did!

Note: Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise or physical activity routine.

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Funny thing about the crawl, there are lots of variations and it’s easy to find conflicting instructions, so our recommendation is to try a few and go with one that feels like it’s worthwhile for you.

Please note that crawling exercises are full-body workouts so if you are just beginning a regular workout routine don’t get discouraged. If you are feeling frustrated, try some exercises (click HERE for core exercises) to build your core strength and give it a try again in 2-3 weeks. Remember, the important goal is to stay active, regardless of what exercise you are doing.

We found so many variations that we are only touching on a few here, but we love these so much, are working on a page just for crawls. So, visit us at often and check out our Fitness pages by clicking Here.

What to Expect

Crawling exercises engage the entire body, while emphasizing the core and shoulder muscles. But they offer a lot more benefits than just working your abs and shoulders. They are full-body exercises that are not only challenging but they also promote good body coordination and control.

List of A Few Top Crawls (and a few explained)

Note: to get the most of your exercises tighten your core muscles and breathe deeply. Get into a breathing rhythm with this type of exercise.

  • Alligator (Gator) Crawl –Happy Alligator

    • lie on the floor, face down.
    • press your toes against the floor and place your hands flat on the ground shoulder width apart, fingers extended forward.
    • push yourself up so that your chest is off the floor, but your feet rest on the floor.
    • crawl forward by lifting your right hand and moving forward.
    • keeping your back straight, drag your feet.
    • get your breathing into a rhythm.
    • put your right hand back on the floor and crawl forward by lifting your left hand and moving forward.


Instead of extending your arms, form a fist with both hands and put your weight on them. Keeping your arms close to your body and your body straight and close to the floor, begin your alligator crawl routine…

  • Bear Crawl Exercises –

    • put your hands and feet on the floor with your hands slightly turned outward.
    • bend your knees so your lower legs are parallel to the floor.
    • start crawling forward by moving your left arm and right leg forward.
    • get your breathing into a rhythm.
    • now move your right arm and left leg forward.
    • continue for the desired distance or moves.

Once you reach your destination, stay in that position, and crawl back to where you started by going in reverse.

keep your back straight – don’t arch upwards.
keep your hips down, look to the floor.
don’t touch your knees to the floor, keep them parallel to the ground.

  • Crab Crawl Exercises –

    • place your hands by your side with your fingers pointed toward your feet.
    • lift your body up into the air.
    • arch your back up as far as you can, making sure your glutes are tight.

Note: The crab crawl is a fun but challenging total body exercise that builds strength and promotes good body control.

    • Army Crawl Exercise
    • Baby Crawl
    • Belly Crawl
    • Gorilla Crawl – Front and Sideways
    • Inchworm Exercise
    • Lateral Bear Crawl
    • Power Wheel Crawl (variation on the Gator crawl)
    • Tiger Crawl
    • Worm Crawl Exercise

Well, you can see where we’re going with this – you’ll never get bored with this exercise – there are MANY variations!…

Wishing you the Best of Health!

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Author: Joan E Wilder

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