Exercise to Music

Musical Notes Do you exercise to music?

If you do, I’m hoping you would help me. I’m worried that I may listen to the music and not exercise. Does that happen to you?

So my next problem is that I wanted to try it, but I’m not sure where to start. I have to admit I’m pretty uncoordinated and may yank out my headphones, or drop the iPod, or do something clumsy and embarrassing at the gym. I might even start singing or dancing. Now THAT would be embarrassing!

Or should I go to YouTube, pick a mix and listen?   Exercise to Music with a YouTube Video So, is the idea to go to the gym, pull out your iPad, go to YouTube, click on the mix and listen??  Sounds too complicated…

Next, I wouldn’t know what to buy. What do you use to listen – an iPod, MP3 player or your phone? And did you buy your playlist it or make it up yourself? It’s tough to find song with the right beat.

Do you recommend a different playlist for strength training than endurance?  Or is it taboo to listen while you are strength training? What about flexibility or balance – is your playlist a ‘one size fits all’?

Do you use Alexa?

exercise to music with AlexaFor my home gym wishlist I’d have a great playlist and just like the TV commercials, I’d tell Alexa – “Alexa play my strength list” and it would last just the right length of time that I wouldn’t even have to watch the clock.

Exercise to Music with Amazon Music
Then I was looking at Amazon and found Amazon Music – do you know what that is? It’s a free download so I’m guessing you have to select your playlist. I also found a free MP3 app – is it really free? That worries me that there is a catch.

Hum… I’m back to my playlist problem, can you help me understand – how can I select a playlist? And are they free?

Hey, thanks for stopping by and thanks for for sharing your thoughts!

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  1. I have a tiny iPod shuffle I keep my iTunes playlist on.(about 20 songs I got specifically for the gym). I put it in a running belt, ear buds (yourbuds) in my ears and just let it play. no hands needed. you eventually know your playlist so well, it’s not even a distraction

    1. Thanks April – did you select the songs or buy something like the video I linked to? I really appreciate your help! I’ve been working out in the am for about half hour before work and do more strength weekends at the gym so I’m thinking I’ll start at home. Do songs with a fast beat work best?

      Thank you!!

      1. it’s all about preference. I like a medium-fast beat. Rage music works great for me. Five Finger Death punch, Eminem, Jay Kill and the Hustle Standard. I bought everything individually through iTunes.

        1. I was just thinking of you today when I was at the gym! One other thing – Did you know your work level and heart rate tends to match the beats per minute of the song you’re listening to? So If I can manage it, I try to get songs that run 130-150 BPM. ;-)

        1. I like anything with a fast beat – the kind of music that gets you up and dancing! As an affiliate I’m going to check out what Amazon has (no, I don’t get any fees for buying from them, but I really like their products and you can get super fast delivery) and I like to recommend based on what I’ve tried and like. Thanks for the help and support Christian!

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