Are Recreational Sport Activities Considered Exercise

Are Recreational Sport Activities Considered Exercise?

In a word YES !

Let’s take a look at some of the popular recreational sport activities. And don’t worry, if the weather is too cold to go outdoors, you can always find indoor alternatives.


What you need:  An open field, a bat bat and a

Now I think everyone knows how widely played a sport that baseball is and probably played it more than a few times. So you know, a seven inning game consists of running the bases and using your back, arm and leg muscles. It increases your heart rate and you get excited at the prospect of winning.

It’s a fun, social game that allows you to be active while being with friends playing a sport you enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than that – and being happy affects your brain. Baseball is enjoyable. Not to mention the fun times getting together with your friends after the game!

Most important before playing make sure you stretch and get in some sprints to get yourself loose.


What you need:  An open field, a netsoccernet and a ball.soccerball


Soccer, or football in Europe, is a favorite sport of well, almost everyone. The benefits are similar to baseball. Soccer gives you a great Cardio workout with lots of running and use of your arms and legs. It too is a fun, social game that with the right team, will make you happy and you’ll enjoy the fun times when you celebrate victory (or wishful thinking of victory – either way, it’s good times).


What you need:  An golf course, indoor putting green 

 , Golf Clubs golfclubs, some golf balls  
and a golf caddy 
  or golf cart  golfcart2

Golf has been very popular with men for centuries and now more and more woman are enjoying the sport too.

You can find a course that allows you to ‘walk the course’ while playing (this means that you will have to ride in a cart). Most courses on weekends have a ‘no walk’ policy.
I get around this by pretending that the course is on a ‘cart path only rule’ (they use this rule when the course is wet so the grass isn’t damaged). Basically, I drive on the cart path to where I think my ball is and walk across the fairway to my ball.

Most courses are anywhere from 5,700 to 6,700 yards. This is a good cardio workout especially if the course is hilly.

Racquetball & Handball

What you need:

For Racquet – a Court, Racquet Ball Racquetracketballracket, racquet balls racketballballs, a glove racquetballglove.

For Handball – A court or wall, handballs handballsand a handball glovehandballhglove.

Both of these sports are excellent cardio exercises – you’ll definitely work up a sweat playing. Be sure to start slowly and build up your stamina. An hour of playing either of these will produce soreness but will increase your heart rate and you can enjoy a hard workout and feel great afterwards.

Basically, anything you can do to get yourself out of the house and involved in any activity will produce positive results. Choose something that fits you and what you like to do and you will be sure to do it more often and that means better health. And when you play these sports with friends, you are apt to do it more often – and that’ll help your outlook overall.

Do you play Sports?

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