5 Motivational Tips to More Exercise

GREAT Motivational Tips!

We have the BEST motivational tips in the world. Why? Because you will automatically jump out of your chair, buy an exercise mat, some good sneakers, t-shirts and sweatpants and begin exercising for 30 minutes every night!! Continue reading to learn more…

Nah, we don’t have that. No one does. And I know that you know that statement is too good to be true. And I wish that I could tell you that it was true, but it’s not. There are a lot of people that will sell you products that promise magical results. And actually, what you really need is a mirror. Now go to a mirror and look in it. What do you see?

You. You see you. Unique, one-of-a-kind, wonderful you.

And the person you are looking at in the mirror is the only person on the face of the earth that can motivate you.

What Motivates You?

Yup, you can grab all the motivational tips, tricks and advice about procrastination and good habits you want, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you. How much you need to change your lifestyle – how badly you want to change, and do you have any factors to help prod you into activity. The Five (5) most common motivational tips are:

  1. Do you have aches and pains?
  2. Are you sitting at your desk too long every day?
  3. Are you starting to gain weight?
  4. Do you feel a need to be more physically fit?
  5. Does your doctor recommend it for health reasons?

But exercising regularly is hard work, sometimes even more difficult because you just won’t feel like it – you would rather relax. And it takes a lot of thought. Almost like nagging yourself over and over. You have to know and believe that you are worth the effort. And like any habit, it does get easier after a month or so, but don’t let anyone tell you that it ever really gets easy or that it’s not hard work.

Unlike that first statement, this is true – Exercising is hard work both mentally and physically and the rewards are so worth it.

I cannot give you your motivation, but I can share mine. And I hope this helps. If you care to, leave a comment below. We would love to hear about what works for you.

My Motivational Tips

My biggest motivation is that I sat at my desk for hours (#1) on end without getting up. So much so that I was about 25 lbs. (#2) heavier than I’d like to be, but at a BMI of 41% (#3), I needed to do something. And the aches (#4) from too much mouse use, constant typing and sitting for hours weren’t getting any better. I knew that unless I did something to change, to fix the little aches and pains, they would only get worse (#5).

The conclusion? Less than 6 months into exercising, those pains are gone, so I know that I have to keep exercising for my lifetime and I’m happy to nag myself daily. But I also have down days and days where I know it’s ok to sleep in and skip the gym. But if I try to slack off and skip more than 1-2 days, I take the nagging from the top. It’s been 3 years now and so far, so great. Won’t you give it a try too?

So, here’s a sample of my inner voice.

On the Way to the Gym…

» I’ve gone twice this week already, if I don’t go today, I’ll miss my goal to exercise at least 3 days a week

» I lost 7 pounds and I don’t want to gain it back, especially since I feel better than when I started

» It’s Friday – if I stay for 50 minutes, I’ll reward myself with a glass of wine

» It’s good for you, you really should go, you really need to go. What are you going to do at home anyway? Watch TV?

In the Gym…


»   I went a mile and burned 90 calories, I am so close to 100 and it take less than 5 minutes
»   I’m at 100 calorie in 21 minutes, not bad, I’ll stay on until it’s 25 minutes
»   I’m at 25 minutes and they say you start to burn more calories after 20 – I’m only 5 minutes over, I should do 10 more and burn even MORE calories

Tip: I start at my goal and count backwards, making it tougher to quit. Pick a treadmill, stairs or elliptical that starts at 30 minutes and counts down. I hate quitting after I’ve already committed to the 30, so I stick it out.


»   That person is heavier than I am, and they are really into their workout and sweating up a storm – wow, if they can do it, I can do it – they are the real heroes of the gym

»   I did 6 reps and 2 sets 3 days ago; I think I can I do 7 reps today

»   Used 10 lbs. last month and I can do 12 reps with ease, so I should do 15 lbs. and 6 reps today

»   I’m not feeling ‘into it’, so I’ll do 2 sets of my favorite exercises and some I haven’t done in a while – keep to the 50 minutes

»   I can do this plank for a minute and my side-planks for 30 seconds. Since I did the right side, I have to do the left for the same amount of time. I already did 1 set, so I should do at least one more. These are worth the effort.


»   I did it! I should go for another set – it’s worth the extra 5 minutes

»   Stretch further, hold a little longer

»   Take your time and focus on form


»   Better do another set – I don’t want to have to sit down to put my socks on again

»   So, I look silly not keeping my balance on the Bosu ball – so what, no one cares, besides, I need to practice

»   Looking in my journal – see where you started compared to where you are now – still want to quit? No, I really don’t.

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Wishing you the best of health!

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Author: Joan

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  1. Joan, time is NOT my friend. Are there do’s and don’t’s for how late you should exercise and do any harm?

    1. Hello,
      I haven’t come across any do’s or don’ts for how late to exercise. Are you talking about an intense workout just before going to sleep?
      Most people I know don’t have the energy to exercise that late. If you feel like working out – I would say it doesn’t matter what time it is – the important thing is to do it.
      Please let me know if this addresses your question. Thank you for reading!

    1. Yes, your comment was received – thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit ! If time is not your friend, we’ve selected some great products to help you – some pretty cool – check out the Products You’ll Love page or let us know if there’s something in particular you have in mind.
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