Core Exercises Explained

I apple15-46x60should probably be embarrassed to tell you this, but during my first session with a personal trainer, the first thing she said was “we are going to work on your core first”. She said it so matter-of-factly that I assumed I was supposed to know what that meant, so I pretended that I did. In reality, I had no idea – I kept picturing an apple core.

So, if you think the same thing, hopefully this will shed some light, spare you some embarrassment and help you along the way. A few things to start with:

  • Warm up for 10 minutes first
  • Do your core exercises
  • Then do your endurance, Strength, Flexibility or Balance Exercises

Now, what are ‘Core’ Exercises?

Q6. What are CORE exercises?

 A.  Core Exercises are commonly thought of as Abdominal (Ab) exercises but there’s more you need to know. These exercises should strengthen both the inner and outer core muscles as these muscles protect the spine as it moves in any direction.

Core exercises should consist of the types of exercises that train these muscles to move in many directions. When these exercises are done consistently, these muscles will strengthen and protect your spine.

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Author: Joan E Wilder

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4 thoughts

  1. Finally a simple answer. I do crunches and haven’t had the results I expected so now I’ll try the Ab Coaster. I’ll let you know how it goes – is it tougher than it looks? BTW – I love this site, it’s simple information w/o the body builder aspect – I’m too busy to search the web and appreciate the info. Now I just have to step away from my desk.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Danny – yes, you are correct, they aren’t easy, but after you get past the initial awkwardness of the ab coaster, you’ll see progress after just a few days. Be sure to do these about 2-3 times a week to see progress.

      Thanks for writing!

  2. I normally concentrate on walking after dinner, but after reading about the 4 types of exercise, I realize that there’s more to it than just walking – I have heard about core exercises before, but haven’t focused on them but I’ll give it a try – can you share some with me?

    1. Hi Gary,
      I’ve just posted some core exercises that you might find helpful. Remember, unlike Endurance type exercises that you are used to, Strength exercises should be done slowly. Take some time between ‘sets’ and try to concentrate on your form.

      Visit us here: Fitness / Strength Exercises.

      Have fun and let me know how you are doing. Thanks for visiting!

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