5 Exercise Myths

You have probably heard and read about exercise myths more times than you care to remember. Some myths you may believe, some may seem far-fetched and unbelievable and some are real and worth repeating.

Here are 5 we feel are worth repeating – one overall and one for each type of exercise. But we are sure there are many more. If you’ve heard any really strange myths you feel like sharing, leave a comment and share…

Exercise Myths #1:

If I walk on the treadmill for 2.5 hours this week I’ve met my recommended activity goals.


Well, not exactly. While the 2.5 hours are great, and US physical activity guidelines indicate that 150 minutes a week are needed to stay fit, they also recommend 2 days of strength training. It’s up to you to get the most of the time you put into your exercise routines by performing all 4 types of exercise each week. Balance, Endurance, Strength and Flexibility.  [tap to see how much Activity you need……]

Exercise Myths #2:

I am steady on my feet so I don’t need to do Balance exercises.


While most people work on their Strength and Endurance and their Stability (Balance) gets some attention while doing lower-body exercising, it’s not enough. As any athlete can tell you – Stability is an important part of their physical fitness routine and that helps them maintain their equilibrium. Test yourself by seeing how long you can stand on one leg.

Tip:  As you age it becomes increasingly important not to neglect your Balance routines – don’t wait until you begin having Stability problems to improve yours. [tap to see Balance Tips……]

Exercise Myths #3:

Running (Endurance) exercises will guarantee you’ll lose weight.


While running does use a lot of calories, it isn’t for everyone and it’s not the only way to lose weight. But high reps and low weights won’t build endurance either. Any form of activity where you elevate your heart rate and breathing will increase your endurance. And don’t be fooled, if your caloric intake is more than you use exercising (any form) you won’t lose weight. Also be careful that the weight you lose isn’t both muscle and fat – you need to have good nutrition no matter what your activity of choice is.

Exercise Myths #4:

I should stretch before every workout to avoid injury.


Believe it or not, Stretching shouldn’t be part of your warm-up routine. In Fact, Stretching is what you do to improve your Flexibility and should  be done after a 10 minute warm-up. [tap for Balance Tips……]

Exercise Myths #5:

Using Heavy Weights will make me look like a body builder.


Strength training is important to your routine but nutrition is an important factor in your ability to bulk-up as a result of your weight training. Unless you put some serious time into weight training, bulking-up won’t be a problem so don’t worry about it at all.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that high-reps of light weight can tone your body. The most important factor is the amount of fat loss that occurs while you are exercising. The way to tone-up is to make activity an important part of your life, for your lifetime.

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Thank you for spending time with us today. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the facts about these exercise myths!! Wishing you the Best of Health!