Dinner Over? Great, Get Moving

RTdRKpLLcDinner over and Dishes done? Great! Now Get Moving!

When dinner is over, we tend to sit in our favorite chair and relax. After all, it’s been a hard day, no matter whether you worked around the house or went to the office. Instead, why not grab a friend or two and get moving! You can go for a walk (don’t forget the bug spray) or hit the gym. Whatever works for you.

clipart televisionGetting more active doesn’t have to be a big deal. Haven’t been active in a while? No problem. Start small and keep it simple. Start with just 15 minutes. You can record your favorite TV show and watch it later. TV can wait. Besides, you can fast forward the commercials and you’ll get your 15 minutes back. Time well spent.

Record your progressClip-art-journal

Do record your starting point in a journal. Even if it’s a small notebook, give it a try it for a few weeks. You will be surprised at how motivational it can be. Whether you see your progress or see that you haven’t made the progress you hoped for is beneficial. Either way, seeing what you’ve done can you help make even more progress during the next two weeks. So, be sure to record your progress, especially at the beginning of your exercise routine!

Have FUN, Get Moving, and Enjoy!!

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PS. Remember to get in touch with your doctor before starting an exercise routine or changing a current exercise routine. While exercising is beneficial, you may have to avoid certain exercises. Even medications may have an impact. So, be sure to share your exercise plans with your doctor to see if they are right for you.

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