Exercise in the Heat – Be Careful!

Be Careful When You Exercise in the Heat!

Do you exercise in the heat? Did you know that when you’re active outdoors in hot, humid weather, you must be alert for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke? Although many of their symptoms are similar, heat stroke is the more serious condition. Don’t maintain your fitness outdoors at the cost of your health! You can maintain your exercise indoors when it’s hot and humid outdoors.

Heat stroke occurs when the body temperature increases too much, causing stress on the body that may harm tissue. The rise in temperature occurs when the heat produced during exercise exceeds the heat that leaves the body. Watch for dizziness, headache, nausea, confusion, body temperature above or below normal, muscle cramps and/or you stop sweating.

Avoid heat problems by drink water regularly throughout your activity, but don’t drink more than 3 cups of water per hour.

Let’s face it – jogging when the temperature is 90+ at noon, is unhealthy and unnecessary. So, I thought it would be a good time to also share some valuable tips. Try to think of healthier alternatives to exercise in the heat. Stay hydrated and be careful of signs of too much heat exposure. Download the infographic from the CDC.

Be smart about exercising

in the heat.

Drink plenty of fluids


be sure to heed these


This doesn’t mean only

outdoor temps:

watch your

indoor temperatures too.

Drink plenty of fluids!

Staying hydrated can’t be

stressed enough.

Watch the temperature!

Without the AC running, your car may be hotter than you realize.
Even during the time it takes to go into a store for ‘just a minute’ can make your car extremely hot.

Watch the heat index for your pet too!

Taking Fido for a jog may need to wait until the temperature cools down a bit.

Be Smart about sunscreen. You can burn terribly on a hazy day.

Exercise in the Heat – Stay Cool and Hydrated…

Keep Cool and Stay Hydrated…

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Too Hot?

Try these stretching exercises you can do at home without breaking a sweat…

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