Eat Healthy

10 Tips for Men: How to Look & Feel Better

Get the facts about how to look and feel better – 10 tips for men’s health…

Runners Cookbook

January’s Books – Cookbooks for Runners

Editors Picks for January, 2019 Fueling your body for a workout is important. That is…

Holiday Celebration Champagne Glasses

Don’t Skip the Holiday Celebration!

Party On, Enjoy Yourself, and Stay Healthy With These Holiday Tips There’s no need to…

Eat Healthy

10 Tips for Better Food Choices for Women

Make better food choices – 10 tips for women’s health Nutrition Education Series Make yourself a priority and…

Fitness Tracker - Best Gift Ever

Fitness Tracker – Best Gift Ever!

Why a Fitness Tracker Makes a Great Gift A few years ago my sister received…

Merry Christmas

Family Fitness Gifts for Christmas

Our Editors’ Picks for December are games for the whole family. Games that are focused on keeping the whole family fit while having loads of fun together!!

Holiday Stress Relief by Continuing Education Resources

How to Beat Holiday Stress

Not everyone is happy during the holidays. It can be an overwhelmingly stressful time. Beating holiday stress isn’t easy, but it can be done.

Tips for a Lifetime of Fitness

Lifetime Fitness Tip – Nutritious Cookie Recipes

Nutritious Cookie Recipes Some of my favorite memories are when my mom would gather the…

Heart pumping iron

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

November Reading Editors’ Picks for November are focused on keeping your Heart Healthy. Learning about…

Built to Last Fitness Challenge by Chape Fitness

Join the Fitness Challenge

A Fantastic Chape Fitness Challenge   We are so excited to share this with you.…

Tips for a Lifetime of Fitness

Lifetime Fitness Tip For Weight Loss – Squash Recipes

Easy Squash Recipes Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Try these easy squash recipes…

Loop Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Loop Band Workout

Limm Loop Resistance Band Workout Purchase Limm Resistance Loop Bands and you’ll also receive an…

Professionals Health Connection Bookstore

Learn About Fitness and Nutrition

October Reading Editors’ Picks for October will help you understand the complex subject of Nutrition.…

Mens Activewear

Gym Apparel for Men

Mens Activewear – Go to the Gym in Style! I mentioned in my recent post…

Burn 500 Calories in 30 Minutes - Infographic- MyFitnessBoutique

The 500 Calories in 30 Minute Workout (Guest Infographic)

500 Calorie Burn! Great infographic by Michael Nash showing us how to burn 500 Calories…